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Benjamin Moore's Colour Technology

Manufactured with its own proprietary resins, Gennex waterborne colourants are what sets Benjamin Moore paints apart from the competition.

Typical colourants weaken paint and make it thinner and more difficult to apply. They also reduce the film’s washability, allowing colour to rub off and fade

But minimal VOC* Gennex colourant actually fortify the paint, so it maintains its original viscosity in all colours, delivering a more durable finish, and maintains true scrubbability. This makes the paint easier to work with and ensures that you are satisfied with the finish for years to come.

Gennex colourants deliver;

Consistent durability in any colour
The durability of paint tinted with conventional colourant drops significantly as the colour depth increases, but the durability of paint tinted with Gennex colourants remains consistent across all colour depths. Benjamin Moore extends its durability testing to its deepest colours, not just the whites, so you can be sure the deepest colours are just as washable and durable as the pales.

Superior hiding power
Gennex colourants do not weaken the paint’s ability to hide, so you can cover previous finishes, stains and imperfections in fewer coats, using less paint overall and finishing the job more quickly.

Better fade resistance for improved colour retention
With Gennex colourants, you can be confident that the cured film in exterior paints will stand up to the harshest weather conditions – including constant UV exposure – in all colours. So years from now, you will still feel proud of the beautiful and long lasting finish on your home.

Minimal VOC* for environmental responsibility
Gennex colourants contain minimal VOC's*, so even in the darkest colours our tinted paint retains the lowest VOC* rating.

VOC* stands for volatile organic compound and is measured in accordance with EU directive 2004/42/EC. Click here for more information.

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